Apr 8, 2007

Viz Artist 3.0

Viz Artist 3.0

Viz Artist is an advanced real-time motion graphics authoring system for the creation of stunning real-time graphics. Built with an elegant and easy to use drag and drop user interface and sophisticated 3d animation and modelling tools, viz|artist enables the digital artist to produce complex and engaging visual content for broadcast, virtual set, and visualization in less time and with greater creative freedom. viz|artist is a software solution allowing users to create and compose their broadcast graphics, template graphics, or virtual sets. It is an authoring tool for both 3D and 2D graphics- including text. You can import 2D or 3D elements created with other software packages or they can be created within viz|artist. Scenes can be saved for playback via viz|engine. viz|artist can output at any required resolution, and is available with nearly identical functionality and appearance on all current Silicon Graphics systems. Differences in functionality are due to differing hardware capabilities in the various SGI systems. As system performance increases so does the possible scene complexity.

This is a pretty intense program, requiring a SGI workstation and in-depth network knowledge to install. I have ripped and included the program help file as a seperate download so you can review and decide if you wish to 'delve in'.

52 MB

Help file:


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How i Can Download Vizart 3.2

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